Meet the team

A Nordic design

Kvint Copenhagen is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The timeless design of the floating frames is created by founder Rasmus Fisker. In the design process Rasmus has used his educational background as a Design Engineer from the Technical University of Denmark to create a design that balance simplicity, functionality and a nordic feel. 

"I continuously try to create products that focus on a the user experience, the quality and the aesthetics. That's why the idea to create Kvint Copenhagen was so obvious to me. I have always been interested in music and has since my childhood mastered both guitar and drums. During the corona lockdown I started to play piano too. I was stunned by the narrow assortment of nice piano stands. I ended up making my own and that turned into my first product: The Floating Frame.

From a basic idea to a solid brand

The market rapidly showed a positive response to the product. 

"I wanted to test out if other people would appreciate the frame solution too. So I tried to sell my first prototype on Facebook Marketplace and on a Danish online platform for used goods. After the first week I had 20 potential buyers and 3 sold frames. I knew, that I couldn't just leave it at that. The idea for my business was born."

What does "Kvint" mean in Danish?

The name Kvint comes from the circle of fifths. The fifth note in the C scale is G and in Danish the two notes played together is called a pure "kvint". Another example is D played together with A - also a perfect "kvint" in Danish. 

Playing these notes together sounds delightful and you might even say that the G makes the sound of C float - at least that's what I would say!