How heigh up on the wall should I mount the Floating Frame?

It highly depends on your personal preferences. But based on other pianos stands there seems to be a consensus of 66 cm from the floor and to the top of the Floating Frame. This is our recommendation, but some might find this too low. 


How do I mount the Floating Frame to the wall?

When you receive the Floating Frame you will find 4 minor holes in the back plate. This indicates where to mount the frame onto the wall. 

We recommend to use screws and raw plugs that are 8mm or 10mm. 

Step 1:

Drill the 4 holes in the back plate of the Floating Frame to the right size. If you use 8mm screws, drill the holes up to 8mm. 

Step 2: 

Drill 4 holes in the concrete wall that matches the pattern of the holes in the Floating Frame. Then mount raw plugs into the holes. 


Step 3: 

Mount the Floating Frame directly to the solid wall through the back plate of the frame. For further strength use washers between the screw head and the back plate of the frame. 

NB! Screws are not included with the Floating Frame.